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Our major products are PU armrest, electric wheelchair bumper, solid wheelchair tires, high-grade fitness seat, back pad, elbow pad, chest pad and almost hundreds of polyurethane foam products, as well as wheelchair high frequency plastic welding seat and back cushion, nylon cloth seat and back cushion and etc.
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No.8 Kexing Road,Nantong City, Jiangsu, China
We cooperate with MOBIKE sharing bike, and PU airless inner tube productivity is more than 10,000 pcs/day.
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    Sharing bike is developed from 2016, and our company firstly cooperate with MOBIKE and is developing with them. From sample making to productivity up to more than 10,000 pcs, we only use 3 months. High efficiency and high quality is always our promise to our customers.

  Our PU airless inner tube meets with domestic and abroad inner tube standard, and pass below tests:

1.    High and low temperature test: -30°-70°

2.    Durable test: load 60kg, running 5000KM

3.    Anti-hydrolysis test

    In future we shall continuously challenge new possibility and search new

material, and make contributions to environmental protection !

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